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Rock Ledge fishing


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Hey guys, not asking for any spots but just wondering if theres any rock ledges in brisbane that hold decent fish, ive been trying to find some but i dont know if there is any, I think closest thing ive found is scotts point and if im going to the coast, snappers rock but its always packed a relatively far.

Another question, which islands which has good ledges would i be able to get to on a fairly calm day on a 3.7m tinny?


Thanks guys

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I used to do lots of rock fishing at Double Island Point, Noosa Heads and Lion Rock...mainly for jew with snapper and kings as bycatch.

More local to Brisbane the selections are pretty sparse...and pretty lame fishing to be honest.

Try looking for places like the rock drop off at Banksia Beach almost directly at the end of Sunderland drive.....only fishable 2 hours either side of low tide but it does produce some nice snapper at times. There are quite a few ledges along the Bribie Passage like this.

To be honest, if you are after snapper specifically, try and locate cockle beds...they produce good fish with less annoying small squire....less numbers but far better quality.

These days I tend to ignore popular places and explore for far more subtle grounds that are less pressured.

Keep in mind current patterns and convergences.....they are feeding lanes for fish that sit almost stationary waiting for the food to come to them.

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