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Top shot line rating Tyrnos 30 sharks.

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Hows it going, ive got a a tyrnos 30 with 500m of 65lb x4 j braid, filling up the rest with either 50lb pretest mono or 80lb pretest mono, just wondering if i should go with the 50lb or the 80lb for the topshot? will be putting on a 150lb wind on then some 500lb mono and a custom shark rig.

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21 hours ago, ellicat said:

Go the 80lb. 50 would be a weak point otherwise.


18 hours ago, mangajack said:

80lb mono would be my choice.....how much top shot will you get?

i recon if i went with the 80lb i could fit on maybe another 80-70m of line onto the already 500m of 65lb braid on the tyrnos 30, black magic also has a 60lb shock leader mono which could maybe be an option too as it’s only 5lb lower than the braid rating. 

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I try to take a simpler approach, have a look at the Platypus Platinum line, (0.78mm) , it might give you a bit more length compared to other mono lines, it is about the thinnest 80lb line that I have found. I usually put on about 50-60m of it as a top shot on to my braid but I connect it direct to a swivel and 4m stainless cable so no going through any rod guides, but I figure that should be long enough so I can grab the stainless cable at the boat/rocks/beach, and should the shark take off at that point, the 80lb mono should be able to take the strain with it's stretch.

Having said all that, I use 130-150lb braid so if the line is going to break, chances are that  I will loose some mono instead of the more expensive braid.

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Not a shark but a large ray, many decades ago when I was a young man, I went up to Queensland from Victoria for an extended road trip, living mainly out of my car, an old FE holden sedan and ended up in the Shute Harbour area,  knowing very little about fishing and not much cash, I tried to supplement my food supply by going fishing, ended up buying a light handline and also a heavier one with 80lb line.

I had snorkeled off the jetty there so I knew there were some decent sized fish in that murky green water, wouldn't do that again now that I  now know what else swims around there, anyway I caught some smaller fish on the light line and put one out on the large hand line. A short while later it started to move so I grabbed it and gave it a decent yank which hooked up solid.

So about 20 minutes in to the fight I managed to get it off the bottom and saw a flap break the surface so recognized it as a big ray, in those days, the ferries that went to the Islands used to leave from that jetty and there was one tied up at the end of the jetty. Eventually the ray swung around to it and ended up either under the boat or under the jetty and I couldn't stop it, resulting in the line being cut off.

In a way I am glad it broke the line as I wouldn't have known what to do with it had I managed to bring it to the shore, so yes it did give me a decent workout even though I was quite strong in those days. The smaller fish I caught which I didn't know at the time turned out to be "Happy Moments" which I took back to fillet and eat, apparently there are a few similar fish called by the same name, didn't know anything about them till I went back the next day and the guy I was fishing with the day before asked what I had done with them, and  was quite surprised that I had eaten them.

I did start to go for a quick drive that evening and had a hard time driving as the road seemed to be swaying, so quickly did a u turn and went back to sleep it off. Possibly one of those might not have been edible, and possibly a bit hallucinogenic. So after that I made sure that I knew all about the fish I was going to eat! 😀

Nowadays if I am going to go after large sharks then it's with a 30II or a 50WII, rod gimble and stand up harness, I am not nearly as strong as I used to be and need all the advantage I can get!

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