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Hummingbird 383C Fishfinder Combo Vs 777c2


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Hi All

Just need some advice?

I was told today that the Humminbird 383C Fishfinder Combo comes with a Uni Map. The question is that a GLOBAL map and if I purchased it off the net from the US would it show Brisbane river/Australian detail or not.

The 383C has a less powerfull output 300 Watts RMS power output compared to the 777c2 Fishfinder @ 500 Watts RMS) power output.

My take is the 777c2 at $431.56 US is an awesome bit of kit and my plan was to run it with a stand alone hand held GPS.

The 383c might be worth considering if the Uni map is a "global map" per say?

Any advice would be great.


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