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c-map charts


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Just wondering if anyone knows much about upgrading these cards. I have a forster to tweed card which has been great, but since moving up here thinking of upgrading to the whole of australia. Not sure if best (or possible) to buy card reader and charts to upload onto original card or buy the new card for whole of australia and sell the old one on ebay.

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I emailed c maps prior to buying mine.asking about the detail of the wide maps

c maps max (m-au-m005.8 update 16 may 2008)

The wide Aus maps have all the same detail as the individual maps and cover as you would expect all of Aus

Hope that helps

Plus if you want to add waypoints create routes etc on your pc you will need the c maps pc planner I've tried all sorts of avenues to download it for free but no joy was to be had :( :(


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