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Lake Glenbawn day 2


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Well the 150 fish I was going to catch today just did not happen. Arrived at the dam to a beautiful sunny day and only a slight breeze, it was just to perfect to be true, the only problem was nobody invited the fish. I cast s/baits to the edges for nil results so I changed to Jackals, same results, so I trolled and trolled all over that dam. After 2hours I rang the wife and said be back soon and 2mins later I am on, a whopping big 30cm fish :laugh: I noticed I had trolled through a small school, so I remembered what one of the locals said and I put on a g/vibe and had a cast, bang I was on 1st cast, another small bass. I had about 100 more casts for nothing so moved on, tried the s/baits again on another dropoff but no luck so I packed it in before I was burnt to a crisp. Just shows you can't beat local knowledge. Seen some beautiful scenery but when I reached for the camera I realised I had left it beside the laptop.

Fish while you can


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