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paradise point 26th


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Taking a mate and our kids to paradise point area tomorrow for a fish from the beach.

This is the spot you put me onto ellicat:)

Fresh yabbies are available 2 streets back from the esplanade at 7:30 so will try prawns until then. Might also try some SP's under the bridge there as well.

Hopefully I will have a good report for tomorrow night and some pics to go with it.

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Hi Paul,

The couple who run the bait shop you are talking about are great people. Have a chat to them if you need any advice. Aside from fresh Yabbies, they also sell good quality prawns (they leave servo prawns for dead - literally).

If you are fishing north of the Sovereign Island Bridge, make sure you go about 150 metres north of the bridge. There is way too much Ribbon Weed around the bridge.

Cheers, and good luck.


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Thanks for the tips Andrew. I rang the bait shop this afternoon and the guy said under the bridge was a good spot as well so hopefully there won't be too much weed there.

I plan on being down there about 5:30am so it gives me about 2 hours with the prawns from the local servo and some worms my mate is bringing.

I'll be up to see the shop as soon as it opens though I was brought up on using yabbies as a kid in Hervey Bay.

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