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Schultz Canal


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Hi, I went down to the schultz with my brother and his two kids this morning. We caught Zilch there. There was some small bites but nothing hooked up.

We were using 3 inch gulp wrigglers, gulp minnows and gulp worms and sx40's.

We tried a few spots but mainly at the first feeder creek into the schultz after the motorway when you heading towards nudgee.

I know people wont give up there hot spots but if someone can at least point me int he right direction would be appreciated. Maybe we can meet up there for a fish next week sometime.

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If it's blowing NE, NNE or or N dont bother.

Try the stretch just up from the boat ramp in the morning or dusk.

I went there on Saturday morning and hooked a nice flattie but I was a bit carless because I forgot I only had a 6 lb leader and tried to lead him onto the little sandy beach, as soon as I rememberd I only had a 6lb leader all his headshaking cut me off I scrambled to try and catch him but I was too slow try too keep my reel from getting dropped in the mud.:lol:

Bugger I was fishing for a keeper for dinner too B)

Heres a link mate


but its like the fellas said, somtimes you do ok somtimes you can fish it all day and get zilch.

hmmm anyway i had to re enter the pictures , thats why its now showing as a new post but its old...

anyway that should be enough to get you and the kids goin


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