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short leaders are the go with any surface luring in my books ... no more than 50 cm's .. but more like 25 .. cuts down on the dampening effect caused by long fluro carbon leaders, so the action can be magnified easier and quicker from the rod tip to the lure and also keeping the nose of the lure pointing more 'up' than it would with a dragging leader ..... ;);)


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gotta remember that there is big difference between the walk the dog style lure that do POP abit but this thread is about poppers isnt it... :P :P :P

so in getting that off my chest ... rofl ...

heres some pics of good morning with the stiffy's.... :P;):lol: :lol:

especially the green model .... sorry for looking like im bragging but im not ... just trying to show how much bloody fun it can be ... :woohoo: :woohoo:

by far my fav sort of fishin .... no different really to trolling a lure for a billfish really except you have more control and smaller tackle ... :lol: :lol: and the hunted is obviously smaller, but the principle is exactly the same...

Maxi [img size=392]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/poppers_2_034.jpg

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