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Bass @ Mt Crosby..


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A few mates have had some cracker sessions out that way over the last few weeks.. poped out friday after work with another afo member Kiwi.. and i guess it would have been arround 4pm when we got there.. tried some popers first off not much happening.. Kiwi moved to a pencil type poper.. i changed to sx40.

first cast for me Bass arround Mid 30's. and while i was pulling the little fella in Kiwi had 2 massive hits at the surface but didnt hook up.. cant think of the colour of the sx40 i used but i think it is the Herring colour if that helps, and i caught it on 2 pound braid..

ok second cast snap line shears off and lure is lost.. i notice my last runner on the tip of my rod is broken and caught the braid and there goes $20.. i would have dove in and got it back as that lure was only one fish old.. but i find that in fresh water the floating sx40's sink ( guess cus things float better in salt )

so for the rest of the day i had no tip and was anoying the crap out of me and put me off my game..

ended up leaving arround 6pm..

[img size=150]dsc02920mk7.jpg


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The weir my friend.. but remember that is it a $1000 fine if u fish right at it.. have to be 400meters downstream to be legal..

and yes i should have taken Kiwi's rod.. i usually take my baitcaster as well but for some reason i didnt this day..

all good and rod was fixed by my mates at charltons in about 10minutes..

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