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hi to all


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hi every one

just want to say hello and introduce myself,moved the family to Queensland 20 years ago and i have to sadly say i have never fished the Brissy river(i know why not), i own two boats one for bay and rivers and the other is my out side baby

lately i have heard a lot about the river so it is time to try my luck, iam hoping from this site i can talk and meet people and learn a bit about the Brissy river as my wife and i love to fish.

cheers charlie.

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G'day Charlie and welcome to AFO:)

Lived here for 20 years and havn't fish the Brizzy:blink: . It's a lot of fun trying to learn it's secrets. I hope you have another few years under your belt to explore and learn.

Anyway enjoy the site and keep us up to speed on how you are going with the fishing.;)


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