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raby bay


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i think i am starting to get the idea of the going ons out there

well to start things off it was the last weekend sitting my parents place at mt cotton so when the missed had to work Sat and Sunday arvo i jumped at the chance to go for a fish

i set off with 3 hours to kill sat so i dropped into the bait shop to get a 400g bag of pillies i piked the bag with the larger ones in it as i have been using half a pillie at a time on gang hooks in the hope that the vermin wont pick it all off before a larger fish can grab it

went out to my point at the mouth of the canals and set up alot of little bream then..



i think

first one that i can remember like that put up a good fight on the little baitcaster. then about 20 min later i ran out of bait and headed home.

then sunday came around slept in was going to go out early and make a day of it but what can you do i needed it any way

i got to my spot again at about 2ish i think

took my beach rod with me this time has haver mono line and 80lb trace and a shark rig.

took the shark rig off and put on a gang and pillie and flicked it out as far as i could and started fishing with the baitcaster. i then spotted an eel down in the rocks and me eyes light up "shark bait"

managed to catch it and but a decent chunk on my rig and flicked it out i had drawn a crowd ( 2 blokes) saw the eel and could not believe i was using it for bait. they started fishing next to me and i went back to the baitcaster.

20 min *bang* the big rod went off and the shark was pulling hard it broke the surface and was thrashing about the 2 blokes were right next to my rod gawking at the shark, i was screaming telling them to pick it up until i could get to it but to no luck . then i got to the rod the shark only stayed on the hook for another 20 seconds. i left the bait and about 20 min later it had another go but i took to long again i checked the bat after that and re baited it had taken the bait from in-between my hooks. o well and that was the last bit of action i had on that rod for the night

on the other hand


this little fella put up a good fight

about 37cm squire was quite happy with myself. i managed to keep the vermin away long enough to get a good fish.

packed up and headed off and a little shark had been chewing on the eel but to small to take it prob got a bit of a hook and spat it.


o well going there next sat to see if i can get that "monster"

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Look out sharks, the man is on a mission:woohoo:

Good luck on your next trip and well done on the squire.

If you are having trouble with pickers stealing the soft pillie, you can bind it in "bait-mate" which is an elasticised and self adheasive cotton like material that helps hold soft baits together and on the hook.

Anaconda at Logan has it in the Black Magic brand, and I'm sure other stores do too.

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yeah the squire do visit that area at times.

I used to catch them on squid, but havn't been back in ages on account of not catching anything for many trips.

Funny place, you will definitely land big rays there and sharks, I hooked something on 18lb mono and got seriously owned, it finally took me into some rocks and snapped me off, dunno what it was but it was big.

Also caught 3 sharks in 20 mins, all different species, 1 shovelnose, 1 little Bullie and some kinda camoflage shark,(not a wobbygong but).

Few pike eels and catties too.

Still would be interesting to see if you can land some bigger squire, apparently they have been caught there...just not by me :)


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