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First trip to Somerset


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Well the result of my first day fishing at Somerset was very disappointing. Tried bloody everything. Casting at shallows with top waters and shallow running minnows and later on in the morn, looked for schools in the open deeper water(alot of looking and not alot f finding!!). Later in the day my bro got 2 rats trolling and we only managed to pickup two red claw. My suspicion with this was our traps where raided as the floats weren't tied the way I did it Angry

Don't know where the bass were. We tried mainly the area from the spit to the top point at bay 13 near Kirkleagh. Arrggghhh getting so sick of these bloody doughnuts. Not sure why but I have a real bad time of it lately. No confidence Embarrassed .

Anyway I'll stop whinging now and on a lighter note I saw Brahmany Kite eating what would have to be the biggest Boney bream i have every seen. It must have been close 40cm I reckon. I didn't get a pic but trust me it was enormous. How big can they grow :S

The Ranger at The Spit was very helpful and sorted out the boating permit and also SIP permit.


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Geoff, I'm not much of a freshie. Somerset is the only dam I've fished from a boat, and the last time was over 10 years ago.

When I used to go out there I would make my first stop at Toorbul to pump some fresh saltwater yabbies. I would keep them alive with an aerator in 20ltr bucket.

While casting lures I would have a couple of lines out with a fresh yabby on the hook.

The yabbies outfished the lures by a whopping margin.

Not as much fun I know, but it beats donuts.

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Barometer wasnt too flash up there today. 1010 at 7 am and 1003 by 7.30 and hovered around 1000 rest of morning and SEQ water is still releasing water which is also supposed to put the fish down. It all affected my fishing this morning but not the other locals from the KFC.

You just have to be like me and look on the positive side. I can always find a reason why I cant catch fish.



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Thanks for the great info guys. It was a trip with my bro and cousin that we don't get to do very often any more. When we were kids we used to do it all the time up in the currimundi lake and mooloolah river.

You get those days I suppose :blink: . We tried every colour but our favs have always been black or purple. Thats the colours we got the rats on too.

Cheers guys and thanks

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