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Dohle's Rocks - 21 April09


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This is what I caught -


Oops, I pressed submit before I finished the report. LOL.

Got there about 10.30am . I started working the flats at the end of Dohles Rocks road off the park area with 3 inch pumpkin seed Gulp minnow SP. I changed up to 5 inch Atomic plastic after an hour and then back to a 3 inch nuclear chicken. As Feral said in my other post, that side of the channel is quite shallow so I moved to the boat ramp side of things about midday.

Still armed with plastics I flicked off the rocks and a little further around. I got some touches on the pumpkin seed SP but ended up with zilch. I was a clear day but the wind picked up which made it hard casting against the tide. The water was murky too. Being close to open water not sure if all the rain effected this waterway but I am using that as an excuse. I left just around 2pm after my 3rd lost jighead to a snag. Ya live and learn hey.

It was still a nice day and got to fish a new place. I'll hit again another time for sure but at the moment I will dunk this badboy donut in my morning coffee and contiplate the world of fishing.

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I fished dohles rocks landbased a few times without much luck.

Caught a few whiting during winter on the flats around the boat ramp and a couple of small flathead in that "drain" before you reach the boat ramp.

Always intended on fishing the where the "drain" empties out to the channel at the end of the run out tide as there always seems to be small mullet swimming out with the tide. Never quite got there as it is a reasonable walk through the stinking mud.

I think i remember a few young fellows having some success land based in that area. Might be worth a search of the forum.

Here you go

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I went fishing that area a little while back after the large amount of rain we had. I was the other side thought along the bank up from the mouth of the bald hills creek. I wanted to see if I could snaffle a flathead or something and maybe a whiting on a popper(not done this yet).

The water running in over the sand flat was so warm. Got this little gar foul hooked on a stiffy popper. Nothing else that day unfortunately. The water was very dirty and I reckon very fresh too.

[img size=1332]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/DSC00333.JPG



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