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Tig welder


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After finishing my new fuel tank at a mated engineering works on the tig. Ive decided to purchase 1 myself.

The machine i was using is about $9000 worth.

I know nothing about it other than the fact i weld aluminium with it.

So my qustion is what features will i need to weld alloy.

So far ive worked out i need AC and pulse.


Will this do the job or will i be disappointed.

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kriso wrote:

you can weld alloy with a mig but it looks like shit IMO right tools for the right jobs i say. heres some more info for ya mate, http://www.welding.com.au/l57/welding-equipment/acdc-arc-tig/

check out the specs on these it will give ya an idea what ya looking for

for a home handy man a mig would be ok i reckon.

as for fuel tanks ,i would go the tig.

as u say right tools for the right job.

i have see nice look welds from the mig,but not as good as a tig.

i guess it depends what i want to do with it.

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kriso if you are any good with a mig you can do beautifull welds easier with a mig than a tig

and stay away from wia equipment as it is considered considered cheap crap in the trade

davo for ally you use pure argon rather than an oxy-carbon dioxide-argon blend

and you dont reverse the polarity. if you reverse the polarity all the heat goes into the material rather than the wire causing distortion and cracks (voltage cracks)

shortie take a look on ebay there is a bloke who sells really good unbranded portable ac/dc pulse tig units these are made in the same factory that makes kempi units, a mate of mine picked one up for $400 about a quarter of the price the branded ones sell for at boc

here's the link to the one shortie is looking at


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