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What tackle to use on the Brisbane river


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Hi Guys,

I am taking my two young boys (>6) fishing at some of the spots (Moggill / Bellbowrie area) along the Brisbane river and wanted to know what tackle to use. We have some rods and hand lines and a range of hooks, sinkers, traces etc. I gather bream and flathead are on the menu. Any suggestions as to what to use and how to set it up (ie do we need traces) are welcomed.

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for bream and flatty

simple ball sinker, swivel then leader setup.

10-12lb mainline

go about 15 - 20 lb leader, about 70 cm long, long shank or any reasonabley size hook, even a small NO 1 circle hook.

for Bigger fish use

circle hooks N0- 1, 2 or 3, 15-20lb mainline, medium ball sinkler, 30lb leader.

should do the trick, don't make your sinker huge thaat it is too heavy for the rod or line, keep it lightish...

Bait can be, prawns from servo, mullet from servo, chicken or chicken gut, prawns from woolies, or live bait caught with a cast net, either prawns or small fish like mullet.

Remember make sure your bait is not so huge that it is too big for the hook, match hook size and bait size appropriately.

also this thread should not be in the 'Freshwater' section.


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Hey mate,

Fished the Moggil area recently and used my standard gear, which is quite light. 2500 size shimano real with a 2-4kg flick stick, 3 kg platypus platinum. Terminals included a sinker a bit bigger than a pea, small as possible ball bearing swivel (black) and a 6 kg flurocarbon trace running down to a 2/0 mustad baitholder,

My session raised only a monster pike eel of about 5kg, a legal bream and several catfish ranging from 20cm thru to about 55cm, Good fight that one. All fish were caught on mullet fillets from Coles

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