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Broken Rod Tip


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Hey guys after that trip in the brissy river (Night out with friends 2) I arrived home and probably due to the excitement still running through my body I must have placed my rod at a bad position and it snapped the rod tip :( i only realized when i finished waking up my parents and telling them that i have two massive fish to stock in the fridge. I just bought the rod :( and was getting attached to it since the much success came out of it, even though i had the best time, that kinda dimmed the day over all.

Anyways im wondering were i can go to fix it and what do they do? I still have the tip of the rod ... do they still use the top guide from the broken bit or do they just put a brand new one on? How much will it cost?

I have a Quantum Alliance ALS702M 7'0"


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Bugger on the broken Rod tip - better get that fixed ASAP...

I have a contact on the south side - Browns Plains

If anyone needs any repairs whatsoever, or even a custom rod built -

all types, this guy is the goods.

Currency for repairs usally relates to XXXX GOLD & custom rods are a good price aswell..

PM for further details if required.

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eg_vtec wrote:

tackle ware house can fix it for around $20. i think they would cut it shorter to the next runner and then put a new one on with patterns and all.

Yeah i agree with you Vtec... i recently snapped the tip of my raider after 1 week, took it to Tackle warehouse and they fixed it for $23. Took 3 days though... but very happy with repair quality.

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just get a lighter and heat the tip guide up on the feral part not the eyelet its self.until you can pull the guide tip eyelet of the broken tip.see if the guide will fit on the tip of the broken rod.be good if you could reuse the tip. then araldite 5 mins. like dan said already.


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Have a mate who was into building remote control planes.

He and his club made their own graphite cross members for the planes witch I thought

was fairly similar to a rod blank.

As I had a broken tip on one of graphite rods [argument with car door]

I asked if he thought he could fix it - to witch he replied 'no probs'

That was two years ago and the rod is still going strong and has been well taested

with some nice catches- good to have it back. dosn't feel any different.

good luck

SjS :fishing:

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silver_rex wrote:

tackle warehouse have done a couple for me, less than $10 each time :)

wow you got it cheap! ahah others are saying its 20 bucks

mollowsexual wrote:

hey quang, the black circley thing at the tip of my guide is gone, u rekon they'll just replace the whole guide?

Yes they will replace the whole guide

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