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Tokushima reels ??


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Tokushima reels , has anyone heard of them and are they any good, the specs look pretty good to me??


4.7:1 High Speed Ratio

9 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

High Intense, Corrosion Resistant Ultra Light High Modulus Graphite Body

Aluminium Spool

Machine Cut Brass Pinion Gear & Internal Bail Trip

EDS "Extra Drag System" 30% More Power

Precision, Efficient Drive System

Anodised Super Strong Tubular Stainless Bail Arm

Micro-Adjustable Sensitive Front Drag

Short & Light Body Design

Anti-Twist Line Roller

Computerised Balance Rotor System

Precision Aluminium Balanced Sports Handle

+ Bonus Cloth Bag

Suitable for Threadline/Soft Plastics/Spinning rods

Interchangeable Left/Right Handle

Attractive Metallic Gold/Silver Colour Spool / Metallic Blue Steel Colour Body



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one of the fishing mags are fair while ago did a section on ebay reels, where they bought a heap and chopped them up for a closer inspection , some passed the test and some failed miserably i think the conclusion was it is a mystery pick some may pay and some wont which is really what you get with everything from Ebay in my opinion. she certainly looks okay ihope it has everything it says it does for ya mate and shes a cracker reel, other wise you have a cheap toy for the kids to pull apart and play with instead of your good stuff lol

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Hey dusky for under $30 you can't go wrong even if you only get 12months out of it.I got a cheap one of ebay some time a go and it's about 2yrs old only just starting to show signs old wear and tear and it was about $25 delivered got my money's worth

cheers dassa

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Looks good, I would probably strip it down and make sure all the bearings are greased and look at the drag washers too. I buy mojiko reels for the yak when they are 50% off at Anaconda and the oldest one is nearly 3 years and going strong, but they do get stripped and cleaned every month.

One day Dassa will catch a fish and get his moneys worth out of his reel :laugh:

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