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Thanks Terry H and Ellicat!


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"You can always rely on the kindness of AFOers" :P

Just a quick and massive thanks to Ellicat and Terry H.

I have just had a large and challenging (for me) Accounting Assignment to do :X

Anyway with the help of the afore mentioned my part of this assignment (its a group one) is pretty much done and a week early. Woot.

Cheers guys. Would have struggled massively without your help.

Ellicat: Mate I think one "check the proof please" email to you and I am 100% sorted!

Thanks again.


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kriso wrote:

if someones silly enough to be an apprentice mechanic ya.

i wouldn't call it silly :P

depend what type of mechanics they got into .

know a cpl of guys went into the diesel side of it ,machinery /boats etc .

they doing real well now they have finished there apprenticeship.

they working for big mobs too .work hard and long hrs but it paying off for them .

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Terry H wrote:

I tihnk we should have got Brian to prepare it, and for me to review...

At least we would be then up with our normal day-to-day jobs :P

I'm not sure what part/s Angus had you look at Terry, but the bit I did with him would've been way over your head ;)

....I love a good short joke :laugh: :laugh:

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