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Sea Monkey Browser

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There is a browser called "Sea Monkey" for those that don't like Mozilla or IE.

Can check it out here- Sea Monkey site.

If you don't like its plain look , go tools, add on manager-click themes,click on modern then click on use theme or install (I have added a screen shot below).

I have been using it for a While and its pretty good, it also has an email client.

Cheers APC___2010.jpg

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I've seen SeaMonkey floating around before, but I don't understand the purpose of it. Realistically its nothing more than a no-frills FireFox with a couple of extras (emails, IRC etc). Afterall, SeaMonkey uses a large chunk of source code from FireFox.

As I'm obviously a skeptic of SeaMonkey, is there any major differences you have noticed from FireFox?

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on my computer its a bit quicker to load pages, it logs you in automatically unlike faulty forum logins on Firefox.

It is good so far.

I will have to use it more to really make a decision.

yes I know it is built on FireFox technology.

no great changes but then again Opera was great a few years ago, but now it is a bit boring, so who knows whats going on.

If it does not work for you simply uninstall, if your happy with Firefox, do not bother changing.


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While I have a thread up I will also post this link.

Some might find this useful.

This site has some great free programs, the most popular being the well known 'ccleaner'.

But some new editions have been added that are pretty good, and free.

[ol]ccleaner- removes unwanted temp files that eventually slow down your browsing, works for most browsers.[/ol]

[ol]Defraggler - a hard drive defrag tool with more features than the standard microsoft defrag program.It also does a quick defrag and a hard drive error check[/ol]

[ol]Recuva- a deleted file recovery program, good to restore deleted files, emails and files from damaged disks, you can also delete a file so it can not ever be recovered.[/ol]

[ol]Speccy - Utiliy that lets you know exactly what your running in the way of hardware.[/ol]

[ol]Here is the link, these guys are very professional and the software is reputable and without viruses.[/ol]



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