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Another fine day on the bay


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Went for a bit of a fish around Peel again today, as Mr Alan and myself were keen to try out his Garmin gadget. (Hopefully we won't get lost any more ;) .)

Weather was all good, and about 34 fish made they're way to the boat.

Tusky's, a sweet lip, stripey's, and a bucket load of pinky's all well under sized.

Only 3 keepers for the whole day. :angry:

Might have to go check out the river mouth next time.

No pics today as they weren't worth the effort.

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Hey mate, better than being at home doing house chors!!! lol!

I have been having very similair fishing trips out to Peel and Mud, a boat full of undersized squire and only two or three keeps, I am losing a bit of faith in the bay at the moment.


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