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a good day out

Zim man

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Hi all

Scope and i headed for a quick get away from work on wednesday. Usual spot as it is nice and close to hom. We arrived at high tide and at sunrise.

I was first on with a nice bream that hit a popper. i could not really see the lure and only realised he was there when i tried to pop the lure.


Next on was a good flatty of around 55cm that fell for the ever trusty MU-SP in black ghost colour.



Jono was then on with a nice bream caught on a 3 inch armor shad in about 13 foot of water on a hole we found that seemed to show a few fish



We caught fish through the day, pretty constant action. Jono caught more bream and better bream than i did, but i got variety and quantity of little ones that included whiting, trevs, pike, flathead and bream. All up we got almost 30 fish for the session.

a few more pics of the day




I also had my new underwater camera which i have been keen to try out. I made a short video of what we took that day. all of it was taken by scope, my footage that i took was so lame it is embarrassing. :blush: my bad jono, you had some good bream around the camera but not on camera. :blink: I made it mute except for the flathead shaking the lure and you can hear the rattles working over :P

[video width=425 height=344]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAiekhScUt0

thanks to scope to a great day out and thanks for reading guys


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