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Beginner HB lure advice


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Have been doing a lot more reading than posting lately and one thing that pops up more than anything else is guys trying to get into lure fishing.

I thought I might share some advice for those on a budget keen to get into it.

Big W have just restocked there Berkley frenzey range and at $3.50 each I can not speak highly enough of these lures, I like most struggled for years with lures blowing $$$$$$ on big names only to snag them and wave goodbye without even a tap.

But once I got onto these berkley HB's something just clicked and with lures it only takes one fish to build your confidence and next thing you know it's happy fishing.

This time of year is big flathead season so if your fortunate enough to have access to a boat trolling these lures behind you is almost garranteed action and if you snag up and loose the lure no one is crying over $3.50

My point is start cheap, Build confidence and upgrade as your fishing progresses there is no point starting out with top shelf gear it will only hurt your pocket and piss your missus off :laugh:

Below I have posted some pics of fish with frenzey's hanging out there gobs these pics have been posted before but are for the newer members.

Cheers and happy fishing

Cam B)

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The price attractewd me to them years ago, and now they are hard to come by, I snap up a few every time I see them.

I have been trialling the force ten outback minnow lures with great success lately and they are around $4 from K-mart. The rings and trebles are total crap though


Squire caught on the troll with an outback minnow in my favourite colour

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first hardbody i sucessfully used was an outback lures menundee mauler on chopper tailor it lasted 3 fish and then got cracked, i recommend some of the strike pro lures as well the small fry 1 and 3 and pygmy's accounted for some half decent bream and flattys for me you just have to learn how to tune lures by bending tow points and sometimes you can enhance them by taking off/adding weight in the form of removing hooks and split rings or adding larger hooks again

also old faithfull halco lures sneaky scorpions, iv herd people having good runs with cheap kokoda sprog's (sx-40 rip off) however the hooks are utter crap on them and one good fish and they are screwed or even crushed

k-mart have a lure called tsunami bream special in like 3 colours a little tuneing and it has accounted for some fish as well

now days if its snaggy i break out the soft plastics if its flats i get out the hardbodys and i tend to use good japanese lures

another cheap lure from kokoda is the wee wops a little fat crank bait thats worth a try but again they wont last long if you get a good fish

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