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Fitting bow mount leccy to viking tempo?


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Hi i have a tempo fisherman currently fitted with a 28lb kota.

I currently have problems getting my lines around the prop when I am trolling and because of being overweight and old am unable to turn around to untangle the line so I have to paddle to shore to untangle.

I have a choice between 42 lb autopilot kota and a 44 lb bow mount watersnake.

I don't envisage any problems fitting an aluminum plate to the bow and either motor weighs about the same as the battery that I currently carry in the bow so i would just place the battery in the stern.

Reckon it would be handy just using the remote foot pedal for steering and speed control.

Just a bit worried that the torque of the motor may tend to bury the bow under way.

Has anyone done this before?



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