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humminbird sounder!!!?? and other brands

big dave

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ok so im still looking at sounders and its driving me mad. every time i look into getting 1 i get so confuesed as to "whats the best deal, what works best, easy to use " ect. so far the only 2 i have been looking at is furuno and lowrance. untill today when i was told that humminbird actually have more pixels than the lowrance and are cheaper.. now i have been looking into the humminbird 798cx SI, it comes with side imaging built in ect and is only $1500. WOW! is there any reason i should stay clear of this sounder or any other reasons why i should go back to lookiing at furuno or lowrance for the same money? i will be mostly fishing out the seaway reefs like mermaid ect. maybe go out in winter a little further. i know furuno are the top shit when hitting the shelf ect but the humminbird just looks too fN good to be true. your thoughts..

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ok so first question, are you going to be using the SI feature out at the reefs? and approx what depths of water? as the lowrance has been proven to 90m whereas the humminbird only 50odd

this 798cxSI for 1500 will be the old model, humminbird have just released their new range, same thing just labelled with HD, they have only recieved these in the last couple of days so not many places would have quoted you on the new model

advantages of running a humminbird SI over a HDS with structure scan is that you only need to run one transducer on the humminbird, but in saying that if the transducer craps itself while your out you have nothing, whereas with lowrance youve still got something to run by as you have two transducers

with the pricing of the new units, the lowrance will work out about $50 cheaper

i sell a lot of both of these and really its personal preference. i've seen a few HDS units come back, but id sell 10 of them for every humminbird

have personally used both of these and would probably pick a lowrance but for no other reason than i like them more than the humminbird

if the side imaging feature isnt something you are really wanting then i would suggest buying the furuno, im guessing your looking at the FCV620, these are built to last and can be repaired in 10 or 15 years time

this probably hasnt helped but just my little rant.

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thanks for the info reason i was looking at humminbird is the res of the screen. lowrance with the structure scan + NAV gold card works out to be alot more than the humminbird does it not? i currently have a garmin hand held GPS and to be honest quite like it and easy to find marks ect ill be fishing around the GC reefs not out crazy far, i watched a few videos on the structure scan ect and was very impressed by how they work ect. yea i was looking at the furuno 620, i will be happy with 1 of these if it is that much better "sounder" than the other 2 are, and continue to use my hand held gps over a chart plotter. the furunos just looked like they were falling behind in the game not having i high pixel count and hidef ect. sorry if im talking shit please correct me as this is the point of the topic. i just dont want to spend $1500 on a sounder and regret buying it, to later on buy another $1500 sounder ect when if i looked into it more at the start i would have got the unit i wanted. thanks

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lowrance HDS-5 $999

Structure Scan $649

Aus-wide Gold card $385


humminbird 798CxSiHD $1699

Aus wide gold card #385


keep in mind these are standard retail prices

if you want mate i can do you up a quote at work so you can see what you'd be up for with each unit

while furuno dont have as high pixel count it doesnt really matter, the units are commercial grade gear, theyr one of, if not the best units out

cheers, Jake

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