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Clean-Up Australia Day


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We came, we cleaned, we ate, we laughed, we left.

3 bins full, sir.

CrazyCrosby connection took most weighed in category.

As usual I had the smallest catch.

Straddibrad has the cleanest hose on the river.......but just what is the hose for ? :whistle: :lol:

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Yep, job well done boys. Amazing how much stuff is lying on the banks amongst the mangroves. We put a fair hole in it though. Cheers Ted for the deckie spot and Rob for 'trying' to teach me to throw a cast net (no Rob is not a bad teacher, I'm just a slow learner!!).

Great to meet you Johnny, Angus, Brian (or should I say 'Wayne from Waynes World???') and Kriso (so now I know you're not the guy in your Avatar - have been laughing at that image for months!!!!).

Will bring all 3 bulka bags next year - certainly help to keep the boat clean.

Thanks for the BBQ Johhny.



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After taking a quick look at the photos, it seems we have neglected to say a big thank you to Johnny, Angus and Kriso for staying by the skips and making sure no-one stole them while the rest of us were off working hard ...........

Just kidding guys!!!!

:woohoo: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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