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cooked prawns


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Hi Folks

This Easter the dragon inlaw insisted i take 2kg of the tiniest bay prawns one is likely to ever see home with me. And after one frustrating kilo i have thrown in the towel on the leftover babies.

The dilema i have is what to do with them. I can honestly say i have never used them as bait before. If anyone else has used them before. How did you go ? Are they worth me having a go. Or should they become the kids "special bait" ?

They are currently bagged up in small lots in the freezer awaiting their fate.



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Mate if you're leaning towards them for bait, bream seem to go nuts over a cooked prawn....

Mate i would have to agree with Scope Bream @ Flathead love prawns... I have caught some great size fish on prawns :)

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