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Mercury 6Hp Probs?

Mr FeLiX

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Evening all,

Just a quick one regarding my current model 2 stroke Mercury 6. It's been running like a dream, hasn't even used the run in tank yet but on the way back to the ramp today, I seemed to just loose drive, so to speak. Flicked it out of forward, nuetral, nack to forward etc and it seemed to come good but it still seemed off.

Pulled the motor at the ramp and I had acres of ribbon weed around the prop. It wasn't wrapped really tight, and I didn't think ribbon weed would do that? But, just wanna be sure.

With the motor off and the selector in F, the prop clicks whereas it used to seem to stop quite solidly. However, whilst flushing the motor it went into both gears fine and spun the prop? This makes no sense to me, so any help would be great.

P.S. checked behind the prop for line etc and found nothing, and there's no sign of leaking oil.



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The rubber bush is designed to allow the prop to slip if you hit something.

Eventually the bush wears down and allows the prop to slip under load(higher revs).

They will always grip and get you home at low revs or idle speed.

Any marine mechanic can change the bush for you as its not really an easy job without a press at home to remove the old bush and replace it with a new one.

I would take it for another run first and if it still slips go and get a new bush put in the prop.

I have no idea on the cost either.

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