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  1. aussie123

    south queensland Mackerel Mania During Cyclone Oma

    Yes definitely Mark. I am keen and patiently waiting,lol
  2. aussie123

    south queensland Mackerel Mania During Cyclone Oma

    It was just one of those days Robbie. Too many fish hitting baits at the same time will usually end up with lots of lost mackeral, it is just the nature of those fish when using light wire. Add a bit of bad luck to the mix as well but it still makes for a fun session. We did not find the fish till after 10am and we only had just over an hour on them so we still ended up with a nice catch in that short time. Thanks Mark for another great day out, we will go find them again after the cyclone has passed.
  3. aussie123

    Luvit's boat improvements

    When she is all done and ready for fishing, we will arrange another 1770 trip with everyone.
  4. aussie123

    Luvit's boat improvements

    I'd kill the mongrel that told you to remove the antifoul although she is looking good now
  5. aussie123


    Greeneggs or Spam ?
  6. aussie123

    Luvit's boat improvements

    That's true Wayne,lol
  7. aussie123

    Luvit's boat improvements

    OMG that Wahoo is hugeeee. I wanna catch big fish like you when I grow up, lol
  8. aussie123

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Sounds like you are camping at Blackbird Flat which is a good area to fish too. There is an easement running down to the river a few miles upstream along side a farmers fence where you can launch a canoe and fish back to the flats. You can also fish downstream of the flats and pull out a few miles downstream but you do need 2 cars or someone to come and pick you up.
  9. aussie123

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Benno launch the boat at Greenhills and head upstream till you reach a big steep hill on your left. Start fishing from there all the way till you reach the fresh further up. That stretch is the best section in the river this time of the year and it can turn on some amazing surface fishing after dark. Up the top the river takes a 90 degree right hand turn and it can be hard to get through there if the river is low but on that corner is a deep hole full of heavy timber with an amazing amount of big Bass in it. That corner was always our end point before fishing our way back down stream. I used to flick deep divers late afternoon on the way up and drift back on dark with surface lures. Best surface lure was the Teeny Torpedos and Jitterbugs. Manns 10+ were top divers in chartreuse green and red/black. The barrage up the top of the Belmore River fishing landbased can also produce good Bass and Turrum. Just be aware of ticks along the banks there as they are really bad. BTW, that big hill had a great reserve opposite that you could camp at years ago but I am not sure on the regs for it these days. It is very rare to catch a Bass below Kempsey this time of the year as it is a Winter fishery downstream.
  10. aussie123

    Do I Take The Doeruperer?

    It may have a belt driven pump or it may run off the motor but the face plate should have a pump model on it so we can source an impeller for it. You should see a copper pipe going from the motor to the bottom of the boat, that will be the water pickup going to the main pump. Just remove the face plate and pry out the impeller but be careful of the small keyway that you don't lose it.
  11. aussie123

    Do I Take The Doeruperer?

    What a ripper boat Robbie. Firstly I would be looking in to finding a swing mooring somewhere as they are very cheap or just do what others do and go make a mooring somewhere,lol. There is also plenty of empty moorings around the canal houses so you may be able to find a private wharf to use at someones house. 6 years without slipping and painting is a worry for a timber boat as she may be full of grub now but she will need to be slipped to see what damage may be done. I can show you how to kill the grub easy enough and the good thing with grub is they do not cross planks so if they are in a plank, they will only eat out that single plank. The timber planks are not an issue as you can replace them but if they are in the keel you will have serious problems. To paint her bum you will need some scrapers to remove the barnacles, pressure washer, brushes and rollers. You will also need some caulking, caulking tool, putty, antifoul and replacement anodes for the rudder and shaft if there is one on it and possibly a shaft bearing. It may have keel cooling so they would need anodes too but I would presume the engine water pickup will be a standard through hull fitting. The cooling pump should be a standard Jabsco Pump so a new impeller will fix the heating problem. It may also just be the debris screen over the pickup clogged up with algae and barnacles. Ring around for slipping options or hard stand options to find the cheapest and go from there but make very sure that the place you pick allows you to work on your own boat without having to use their shipwrights or laborers as that will cost you a small fortune. I will come and slip it with you and then we can check her bum out and see if there is any issues there, hopefully she will just be filthy dirty and after a good clean and paint she will be good for many more years to come. Then we can go right through the engine room, steering, gearbox, shaft ect and sort out any other little issues she may have. The old diesel may be an issue as it is probably full of algae so we would need to look at that very closely to find a solution to fix it. Anodes, Bearings and Impellers ect I can get them for you at cost and stuff like the painting gear you can get throw away rollers and brushes from Bunnings. I would not worry about the roof or any structure above the decks for a long time yet, just get the hull and engine room sorted first. Sort out the bottom, engine and fuel as priority and the rest when ever you feel like playing with the boat.
  12. aussie123

    Turkey Beach

    From what I understand Brad there is bugger all there except sandflies as it is renowned as one of the worst places in the country for sandflies. The ramp is pretty bad as well and the locals all use the sandy beach beside the ramp to launch and retrieve but it does have good access to offshore.
  13. aussie123

    Have You Seen A Sawfish?

    I don't know if they are getting their species mixed up but Sawfish are a sub tropical/tropical species and as far as I know were never caught off Sydney. There is a smaller version down this way called a Sawshark and they are found right along the coast to well below Sydney. I caught a few over the years in the trawl gear down on the Mid North Coast area and they are only small fish compared to the northern Sawfish.
  14. aussie123

    Luvit's boat improvements

    I only wish I had seen it earlier Robbie as that strip is vital for the transom integrity.
  15. aussie123

    Luvit's boat improvements

    That cap is the biggest cause of transom failures so you need to find a solution to permanently waterproof that top edge or you will end up with rot. You need to seal under those plastic ends to as water will get under them and in between your transom skins. When you remove the cap have a dig around the timber with a screw driver and see if there is any soft spots.