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  1. There is an entrance to both North West Island and Fitzroy Reef.
  2. I think I would be picking out an area to go to for the day and sound it out fully and mark anything interesting that you see on the sounder. After sounding the area out, go back and have a fish on all the marks that you find. Sound out one area at a time otherwise you just miss finding to much ground around you.
  3. I am good thanks Robbie. I am dying to get back out there though, I am so tired of being house bound at the moment, lol Hopefully it won't be too long and I can start to venture out again, even if just in the bay or the river bank somewhere for a little while.
  4. Nice feed of fish there, especially those Moses. Cracking looking weather out there too.
  5. Sounds like a nice day out anyway Robbie regardless of the fish. in the end. Pics are fine on my pc today but i have had issues before with your pics.
  6. Thanks Brian. I think you may have been the very last AFO'er that I seen before this little issue popped up so I can blame you for it now,lol Hopefully this will see the end of it for a while so a bit of recovery time ahead and then back in to it.
  7. The deep water game is going well mate, still out there till recently when that curb jumped up at me a couple of months ago again. Iv'e just been relased from hospital on Monday night after a 23 day stay and some emergency brain surgery but hopefully things will be all good for a while now and in a couple of months time I will be back out there chasing something in the deepwater along the coast somewhere.
  8. Hey welcome back Henry. It will be good to see you around the place again. I hope the family is well mate.
  9. Yes well that saves you stuffing the measurements up,lol. Iv'e had at least half a dozen customers fit their rod holders at incorrect spacings now and the only way around it is to move the rod holders or build them a new board with leg spacings that fit their rod holders which costs them a lot more in the long run as it becomes a custom build. So far only 1 guy has tried to blame me for his board not fitting his rod holders that he fitted himself, lol
  10. That looks awesome Brian. Good to see that you got the rod holder spacings correct, so many people miss it by this <-> much, lol. As soon as those brackets come back into stock, I will shoot one straight over to you.
  11. Go for it Cam. Pick your weather and you will have no issues at all going the the areas that you mentioned.
  12. If anyone thinks that these are genuine Shimano reels, you will be horribly disappointed when or if they arrive. These are chinese knockoffs and have been floating around for a while now. Also be prepared for customs to sieze them if they suspect them to be Shimano copies.
  13. Nice bag of fish Jon considering the issues you had out there. I imagine Shane's motor had a few hours up on her now, absolute shame but a new repower will be nice, especially for those long range trips.