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  1. It's a bit far up and too shallow for me to help you with any marks Robbie. That's fern country up there so find that and you will find Nannygai in good numbers and they are a shallower water fish well suited to fish for in your tinny. I would definitely take the crab pots as well. I also have a few hundred Barra lures here if you need to borrow any.
  2. Yes it is a Longnose Jon. It went 44cm
  3. Thanks for another great trip Mark. The fishing was very tough this trip but we kept working them hard and chipped away at them till we found a patch of fish that were very hungry and managed to finish our bag off in the 2 days. I really expected to do the 3 days to get our fish this trip but that late arvo bite on the second day was pretty special and got us over the line with a bit of an early mark as well.
  4. I cannot see how it would be any different to the Jayco caravan that you had and as already mentioned, the water issue is a major problem unless you had a proper fitting waterproof cover.
  5. Generally water will not worry them if wet from the key side so you need to grab a multi meter and check the voltages on the back of the isolator switch to see if it has been damaged with water. First check the terminal that is connected to the battery and if you have full power to the switch, turn it on and check the other terminal to see if power is getting through the isolator. If you have power on both lugs of the isolator when turned on, you need to check any buss bar connections, circuit breakers and fuses on the main power feed cables. Also look for any burnt wiring that may have shorted from the water.
  6. Nice fish for his first snapper.
  7. Still being vertical at the end of the year would be pretty special but If I can catch half the amount as i did this year, that would be great. I think this year I am keen to go and catch a few Snakeheads in Lake Temenggor.
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Be safe and catch heaps.
  9. Tilting the transducer up will make it lose bottom at low speeds. Set the transducer with the spirit level like you did and then push the rear of the transducer down 1 click. I would also set it as deep as it will go and then slowly lift it up until just before you start losing the image.
  10. We got them off 1770/Yeppoon area. They are all sizes and we just get them on bottom bashing rigs chasing reef fish. Some days out there they can be a nuisance on the bottom, especially when they nip off our rigs.
  11. I totally disagree with your theory of Spanish that are caught on the bottom being ragged looking and ciga carriers. We constantly catch Spanish on the bottom between 100m and 150m deep and they are beautiful conditioned fish and have never seen or heard an incidence of ciga from them.
  12. I had this all day yesterday and after clearing the cookies, it has been fine since. I think there was a bad cookie monster lurking
  13. I am not sure what it is @kmcrosby78 but it does resemble some type of Jobfish
  14. That will be a sad day when she sells Brad. Don't forget to copy to sd card and then delete the gps marks before you let it go.
  15. These are illegal in QLD and probably most other states so i hope you are going to warn your customers to check their states legislation before they purchase these.