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  1. Sorry I missed that bit Robbie but you know you are always welcome to come out. All you have to do is say yes when I ask you,lol Glad you like the rod holders mate.
  2. Should be able to do some serious fish piggin with this one Robbie.
  3. I am not sure on the amount of hours Ray but there has been quite a lot so far. The hardest part has been finding machine shops that are happy to do small bits of machining at a time and then the wait times to get things done has been horrible. I have some mates wanting to buy some reels and that's all I am going to sell as i only want to recover the development costs. If someone else wants to take the plans at a later date and do something commercially with them, they can have the hassles of building and selling them.
  4. For a long time now I have been wanting to build my own deep drop electric fishing reel as I am sick and tired of rebuilding the standard off the shelf electric reels. A few months ago I decided to just get in and do it and so far I am very happy with the results. There is no roller bearings in this reel as they always seem to rust and seize up and there is no drag washers to burn out or go lumpy. The drag system is electronic and should just about last forever. Each part of the reel is modular and runs its own circuitry so in the event of a failure, I can quickly change out any damaged parts, even when out on the boat. All I need to finish now is the mounting frame to fit it in the boat, get the switch panel face plate made and spool it up with 1000m x 400lb braid. So far nearly everything has been drawn to CAD so I can make some more once this one has been fully tested to its limits. If all goes well, I am hoping to take it out to the deep water in about 2-3 weeks time and give it a hard flogging before I make a second one.
  5. That is a nice Hussar. I have not seen many of the Brown Hussar down this way.
  6. Happy anniversary Wayne and have fun out fishing. I am off to Stanage Bay tonight for a weeks fishing if the weather settles down a bit.
  7. It's not hard to rack up a few miles when fishing off 1770. I just did a trip about 2 weeks ago and we did 530km for the 3 days.
  8. That is useless Brad and it will not work. It needs to be way lower and the back end of the transducer lower than the front end. That red line I drew on the earlier image is about where it needs to sit with the top of the straight edge.
  9. Setting up a transducer needs to be done with a straight edge from beneath the hull as they are really good at creating an optical illusion. What looks right to the eye is usually very wrong. Get a straight edge and lay it hard up against the bottom of the hull and coming out beside the transducer and that will allow you get set the depth correctly. A lot of trannies have a small line molded in the casing and that needs to be level with the top of the straight edge at the very minimum. If no molded line, set around half the tranny depth to the top of the straight edge. Once level, push the rear of the tranny down just a small amount and then tighten it up. That should get you near perfect and you can make slight adjustments from there.
  10. That looks really good Wayne. 10 bux if you can land it on a crocs back when you go over there.
  11. Good news is that is awesome. Bad news is I did not get an invite
  12. The reason we ran out of power and flattened both batteries is because the charging circuit from the motor failed. Linking both batteries together through the isolator switch is the only thing that got us back to the ramp as both batteries would not run the motor on their own.
  13. That small spangly was also kept for Red baits and we got the bigger one just as we decided we had to go home early and we had room in our bag limit to take it. We did let some big suckers go earlier but at least my neighbour got a nice feed of fresh fish
  14. They are just Iodines Jon. Those 2 fish and the trevally went in to the esky as they were supposed to be that evenings Red baits but when we had to cut the trip short, they ended up staying in there.
  15. I fish East of Innaminka and North right up to the Green Zone all the time. Not a bad area up there when the fish are biting. Something to consider is there is only about 5km difference between leaving from 1770 and Turkey Beach.