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  1. Fishing Hutchies is exactly the same as fishing anywhere offshore so with your years of fishing and boating experience, just go and do it. Comby Point is ok too, just take your time and cross it carefully but most days that you are wanting to head offshore because the weather is good, Comby will be good too.
  2. You may have to download the Navionics Chart Installer program and insert the card into your USB using their dongle to activate and update the card. Once that is done, you should have all the latest chart updates, sonar charts and community edits on your card.
  3. Single axle trailers with an ATM up to 750kg do not need brakes 750kg up to 2000kg need brakes and they can be any type including over run style of brakes. All brake types besides over runs need a brake controller installed inside the car to manually control the trailer if needed. Over an ATM of 2000kg you need a brake away system installed in case you lose the trailer off the coupling or the tow bar brakes. You also need to have the axles, suspension, rims and tyres as well as the towbar and coupling of a suitable size to meet ADR standards. It will depend on final weights and axle spacings as to whether you need a single braked axle or all axles braked. Converting an old trailer to a braked trailer that fully meets ADR Standards is quite an expensive exersize and could very easily cost a few grand depending on the type and quality of brakes you decide to fit so do some serious homework before you buy the boat.
  4. There ya go Robbie, lol
  5. All the best Robbie and I hope all goes well for you mate.
  6. Thanks Hweebe Just remember the depths listed for all types of trolling boards and paravanes is determined by how much line you let out and the speed that you tow them. I will get your order out today as well. Thanks Lance
  7. Trolling Boards do work the best but they can be very fiddly to get to swim right where as the steel ones like the Makka's/Hookem's are very easy to use. Makka are no longer producing paravanes or spoons which is why they are now hard to find. Yamashittas work great but again they are very frustrating to use if you do not know how to set them up properly. The ones that I sell work the same as the Yamashittas, Deltas, Yozuri ect but a bit cheaper. Set these up correctly and they are great and you will catch all the Mackerel that you need. Tie the trolling boards on with a decent loop knot and run no less than 7m of trace off the back of the board to your lure and they will swim perfectly. 10m trace seems to work perfectly. Also run them between 25m and 35m behind the boat and keep adjusting the length till you find the fish. If you are the person who likes to turn too tight, don't bother paravaning as you will spend more time untangling them than you will catching fish.
  8. No worries mate. I have already packed the gps into the car as we are off early tomorrow so when i set it up in the boat up there I will grab some for you.
  9. Are you looking for bay marks, if so let me know what area of the bay and I will have a look for you
  10. We can only hope Robbie but it looks like a pretty big Southerley change is going to move in mid week at this stage.
  11. Yes mate, we are heading up to 1770 on Friday for about 10 days of windy crappy looking fishing, lol
  12. Yes we went out deep Hamish. The fishing was tough but we found a few in the end.
  13. Water conditions were nice on Sunday with tons of bait everywhere so there should be some Yellowfin out there now.
  14. We never bother to come back in and anchor up for the night. If we are fishing the shelf in 300m we just shut the engines down and drift for the night unless there is too much current so then we will come in to 60-70m and drop anchor for the night. Same goes for up North when fishing the reefs off 1770, we anchor up in 60m and chase reds for the night.