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  1. That is a nice repair job Wayne.
  2. I do the same mate. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy at night thinking that I am sponsored by ReelTackle
  3. Back to being a Gobblers Lures Sponsored Angler, your resignation did not last long, lol
  4. Congratulations Wayne, I am glad the deal finally worked out for you. As I mentioned the other week, let me know when you are ready to sell and I will do some promotions for you and try to help you move some products. Exciting times ahead mate.
  5. Here's a couple of pics that I forgot to upload. Thanks Robbie for dropping over and giving us a hand to clean the fish and also for taking away all of the frames afterwards.
  6. aussie123

    Meteye Pebkac

    It is working for me Robbie ans was working yesterday as well.
  7. Find another portable tank and fuel line and run the motor off that. This will tell you if it is a fuel issue or electrical issue.
  8. This was an amazing trip with so many fish biting every where we went. Thanks Mark for another top trip, it was such a shame that no one else could make it up this time with us. Bring on the next trip.
  9. Those times will not effect us or most fishermen heading to the ramp.
  10. I have no intentions to put them in to full production Robbie although I did plan on building half a dozen for some close mates to help cover the initial costs and the R&D cost. I have people everywhere wanting them now and I had a shop from WA call me last night wanting 5 units straight away for their customers but I said no to him, lol The next one I build with be very different again internally and I may consider doing something with that one if I can get it working properly.
  11. I fitted the reel to the boat today and went out for a quick test run to make sure everything was working right before we head out and start dropping in 300m. The reel performed amazingly and certainly better than I thought it would so i am very happy with it.
  12. They look like old Stacer seats made back in the mid to late 80's. Maybe check out the Stacer website or send them an email and see if they have anything suitable these days that will fit.
  13. The frame has a 22mm solid rod coming off the bottom that you cannot see in the picture as it is inside the roll of bubble wrap. I am tied up this week, I have a bit of work happening and then either Fraser or 1770 this weekend, location will depend on the weather forecast later this week but tomorrow is a bay trip towing large paravanes to test the reel out.