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  1. Tilting the transducer up will make it lose bottom at low speeds. Set the transducer with the spirit level like you did and then push the rear of the transducer down 1 click. I would also set it as deep as it will go and then slowly lift it up until just before you start losing the image.
  2. We got them off 1770/Yeppoon area. They are all sizes and we just get them on bottom bashing rigs chasing reef fish. Some days out there they can be a nuisance on the bottom, especially when they nip off our rigs.
  3. I totally disagree with your theory of Spanish that are caught on the bottom being ragged looking and ciga carriers. We constantly catch Spanish on the bottom between 100m and 150m deep and they are beautiful conditioned fish and have never seen or heard an incidence of ciga from them.
  4. I had this all day yesterday and after clearing the cookies, it has been fine since. I think there was a bad cookie monster lurking
  5. I am not sure what it is @kmcrosby78 but it does resemble some type of Jobfish
  6. That will be a sad day when she sells Brad. Don't forget to copy to sd card and then delete the gps marks before you let it go.
  7. These are illegal in QLD and probably most other states so i hope you are going to warn your customers to check their states legislation before they purchase these.
  8. Leccy reel will do that too. Only need one hand to turn knobs and push buttons but I'd feel a bit sorry for the poor old Bass, lol
  9. A few zip ties will sort that problem out Ray.
  10. Did you replace the wear plate inside the impeller housing as well.
  11. I cannot help you find the leak but I can help you fix it. BTW, most leaks are from worn bungs so if you cannot find any leak, start with replacing the bungs .
  12. Families can have the same name on their taps and pots Dino but they must be on the boat to take them in and set them. They must also live at the same address as written on the trap. If you already have your 4 traps set, technically you cannot take another 4 in and set them, they must do that themselves.
  13. I don't really agree with you @benno573 on your Bass limits, Bass are bred and released by the millions so I think that a bag of 5 is good. Stocked impoundments are based on a put and take system and the old limit of 2 Bass was ridiculous, especially when you see some lakes so full of small Bass due to the lack of food. I do agree on the new crab limits as open slather of Sandies was just insane and 7 muddies if still enough for a feed. The boat limit on muddies is not good though, especially when camping with a group of mates you can have 7 each but when you hop into the boat to go back to the ramp, you can only have 14 muddies in the boat. The new trap tagging rules are good too. Now the tags need to be labeled for the fisherman and not the owner of the traps. This should stop people using large numbers of traps as every person can now only have 4 traps in the water with their name and address on them and that person only must pull them. I also think a fishing licence should be bought in as long as the funds are quarantined to fisheries related usage only and not going into general revenues for the government of the day to waste on what ever. I do not agree with these new boat limits as they penalize groups of people fishing together and I do not agree with charter boats not having boat limits because at the end of the day, they are only rec fishos too.
  14. So the new rules for marking your traps means no trap owner can take out a bunch of traps and set them and allow random deckies to pull them to get their crabs, redclaw or shrimp. Each person must have their own name and address on the traps and each person must only have a combination of 4 traps and must only pull their own traps. I am still waiting on fisheries for clarification on the legal possession limit for wild caught shrimp as the way this new legislation is written, it looks like a possession limit of only 20 shrimp per person is now in place. If this is the case, anyone buying bait shrimps must get a receipt or you will be in breach of these new regulations.
  15. Nothing has changed regarding the bag limit of 20 CRFF that is targeted at places like 1770. Snapper and Pearl Perch have always been extra species that you could catch on top of your 20 CRFF bag. The only real difference now if the boat limit for Snapper and the increase in size and smaller bag limit for Pearlies.