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Breakfast Ck (Hotel Side) Sunday Night


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Headed over to breakfast creek for some man time and to try the new cast net out.

I arrived at about 5:45pm and threw the net a few times and got about a half a dozen good river prawns/shrimp and a few herring and putty.

The little jetty thing looked like a good enough spot to wait out the tide as it was about 3 hours before high.

I threw out an unweighted putty on my trion-exceller DA combo with 15lb sunline white braid and 40lb jinkai leader on a 1/0 circle hook.

And an unweighted prawn on my old abu morrum-silstar combo with 8lb dull green fireline and 10lb fluoro leader on a little bream hook.

I drifted these two baits up the creek over the 50-60m streatch of creek I had until about 7:30pm when on one of the rotations I felt weight at the end of the putty rig.

I picked it for debris as there was no tugs or anything so I was happily suprised when I hauled this up.




A nice sized buck muddy.

I had no intention of keeping anything I caught tonight especially this critter so I didn't bother measuring him, but he was definitely legal. Dropped him straight back in after telling him to leave my livies alone!

Then about an hour later just as the tide was settling the new livie was starting to get a bit skittish thenvery slowly and gently I felt weight so I did the circle hook procedure and let the hook set and began the fun.

At first I thought it was a little thready or a bully, but again pleasantly suprised to find this on the end.


A nice little Jewy (Mulloway).

He went about 57cm on the dress makers tape. So again dropped him straight back in after telling him to tell his mates to come round for a feed.

But the story of the night was that I couldn't bloody give a live prawn away. Not a single touch for 4 hours of drifts.

Oh well at least I Know where to get some good livies for next time.


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