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Early start at the local.


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Hi guys.

So after getting smoked the other day at my local I decided to head down on sun up this morning to see if I could catch the brute and reclaim my lost lure, (a long shot I know.)

Anyways, I started at the place I call first shot, after peppering the area with casts no takers on the Sammy 65, so I change to the trusty old super bass in green. Fired out 2 casts and I'm on to a little fella going 20 or so.

Few more casts and nothing, so I move down to the next hole.

I spent 15 mins working various snags in this section to no avail so on I moved again to my fav spot.

This spot has produced my biggest bass to date, and this is the same spot that I got owned on Sat with Kiwiboy. 3rd cast in the super bass get smashed on the 2nd crank of the handle, drag starts screaming and the fish is running up stream, i regained some line and pretty much had him right in front of me.

Next thing I know the fish bolts for a big rough snag pile. I could feel the line being pulled through branches at all sorts of angles., so I let out some slack hoping he swim out, (this has saved my bum many times now.) He kept pulling further in. Next thing everything stops, no line tension nothing. I pull back on the rod and feel the leader pull back through the mess, no lure... :sick: :(

I can only hope it was the same fish as Sat, it was in the same spot, and it favours green lures, so maybe.

From there I moved up the creek further, I managed 2 more fish, biggest one going early to mid 30's on an atomic.

Thanks for reading.


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That green atomic lure has been an absolute bass magnet for me, seems it's working all over :-)

Bad luck on the unstoppable mate, might be time to skull-drag him out with a stronger leader :P

Cheers for the good read,


Yeah Ryan. Both the mat green and the otter glossy camo green are awesome!!

Both of these colours got the Bass reved up!

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