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Last week we flew in some rods reels and lures because we had many backorders and we could not wait for the containers to arrive at the end of May. Unfortunately for us, Qantas airport people saw fit to leave some cartons outside in the rain. This resulted in a few reel cartons being totally destroyed along with the reel boxes inside. The reels themselves are 100% ok - its just boxes that are destroyed. As a result, our insurance company has instructed us to sell of these reels at landed cost price.

The reels come with full warranties etc and are perfect in everyway, but they are now unsuitable to send to retail outlets. From a AFO point of view, this has provided a rare opportunity to buy 2011 stock at prices you are never likely to see again. Details of the reels are shown below along with some photos.

Suteki reels are made for us by a top class manufacturer who makes quite a few models for the â€Big Name†brands so we are very happy with the quality of the reels and also the internal quality control at the factory. This factory also invented and patented the “Bait Runner Systemâ€, Instant Anti-Reverse, and many other of the features found in high class reels today. It collects royalties from all of the “Big Names†who utilises these technologies.


Suteki Spin Reels bring together superb Japanese and Korean technology at a price that everybody can afford. These lightweight reels offer smooth and effortless operation and have been built for reliability and performance.



Ultra-lightweight reel specifically designed for use with 1-3kg line class. 10+1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings & a host of other features makes this reel exceptional ‘value for money’.


• Designed for Saltwater & Freshwater Use.

• 10+1 Quality Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

• Lightweight Graphite Body

• Instant Anti-Reverse

• Multi-Disc Drag System

• Stainless Steel Main Shaft

• Brass Pinion Gears

• Balanced ‘One Touch’ Metal Handle

• Perforated Aluminium Spool & Spare Spool

• Anti-Trip Thick Bail Wire

• Gear Ratio: 5.2:1

• Line Capacity: 130 metres / 0.20mm Shallow Spool

Normal price is $119. For AFO members on Saturday it is just $50! There are 28 of them available as of Tuesday morning.

Suteki Aureus BF3500, 5500 &7500.

The Suteki Dual Drag Baitfeeder reels are perfect for a wide range of saltwater and freshwater applications where anglers want to present live or dead bait without weight being felt by the fish.

The 3500 size is great for Bream and other estuarine species. The 5500 has enough grunt and line capacity to handle species such as Snapper in the shallower waters. The 7500 is designed for serious offshore applications.



• Lightweight Graphite Body

• 6+1 Quality Stainless Steel Bearings

• Dual Drag Baitfeeder System

• Magnetic Micro Lock Bearing System

• Aluminium Spool

• Ambidextrous Balanced Handle

These baitrunner type reels are great value at normal prices. At Saturdays AFO sale they are at a simply fantastic price. There are 40 of each model available as of Tuesday morning.

BF3500 Normal Price = $79.00 AFO SALE PRICE = $30

BF5500 Normal Price = $89.00 AFO SALE PRICE = $35

BF5500 Normal Price = $99.00 AFO SALE PRICE = $40


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mate do u still have some 1 to 3 kg camo sticks left and wat is the line rating on the 3500 baitrunner ( so there is no 5500 left?)

we recommend 1-4kg for the small baitbunner but could cope with up to 6kg without too many dramas i think.

The 5500 size actually should never have been posted because it seems like the inner boxes on that model are ok. Having said that all you need to do is come and talk to me.

We have a few 2010 model 1-3kg Camo Stiks left.

On Saturday there will be several really good deals available so dont worry too much - just cant say too much about it right now.

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;) Thanks mate for the Lures :)

now just go and catch fish on them and post the pics on here! easy! If you write a report as well you might even win a prize!!

Going to try them tomorrow in the boat. :)

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