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PB flattie.


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Been a while since reporting but pretty stoked about this one so wanted to share.

Monday morning launched at colmslie about 530am, headed straight to the mouth stopping at the wharves to drop some bigger plastics down under what lights were still hitting the water to try for a stray jewie no luck there. Mate spotted some birds in the distance so went to investigate, big hope for the day was to find the tailor unfortinatly no luck there either.

After finding a large school of big mullet at luggage point grabbed out the net and got some crab bait while we were there. We then commenced a potter of spots working back up stream trying now smaller plastics and vibes in search of trevally and bream again other then one bream at 22cm (released) was very quite.

It was now 12 and was losing patients with lures so gave into the fresh flesh bait calling me and decided to soak some big baits on edges for the last bit. First spot gave up a just under squire and alot of bites with no hook ups. Last spot tried was next to the gateway, lots of knibblers but very quite. Got bored so decided to tie on a 70mm wriggler on 1/8th head and cast onto mud flat. As the lure sank I turned to check rod with bait, then went to jig the plastic to find some weight then the signiture wake up run of a flatty was felt. After nervous runs and head shakes due to only having 6pd leader my PB flatty hit the net at 65cm.

Amazing how one fish can change how ya look back on what was other wise a very quite day on the river.


Sorry long thread despite lack of action cheers for reading.


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