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favourite brand and least favourite brand of hook

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ok guys i want to know your favourite brand of bait hook, livie hook, shark hook, lure hooks ect and why, eg black magic circle hooks for livies or owner treble for lures.

me i prefer black magic circle hooks for smaller baits and smaller livies, and maruto circle and j hooks for big livies and sharkin. vmc trebles for my bigger lures and owner hooks for blades, eco's ect

but my all time favourite hook has to be maruto, expencive but have never straightened one

least favourite is mustard, i have straightened to many

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Owner trebles for my hardbodies, size dependent on lure type

I use squidgy jig heads for SP's

I haven't used bait for about 2 months but use;

Mustad & Gamakatsu hooks for dead or live bait. (I have bought some black magic circle hooks but have not used them yet)

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