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quick arvo flick today


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got a pass from picking the midget up from school , so chucked the $ 56 rod/reel ( silstar graphite diamondtip and 2500 symetre combo ) from ebay and plastics in the car and was off for a landbased session at raby bay .

Can usually smash a few 50cm + flatties at a spot there but couldnt raise one today :unsure:

Tide changed and started coming in damn quick , Hooked up and lost about 50m of line in 2 secs before the hook got spat :pinch: , 10 mins later same again bump ,bump ,gone for around 50m again before spitting the hooks :angry: Not happy !!

Chucked the 3" pumpkinseed gulp out again and bang ! this one was on to stay , few weird runs and up pops a 35cm flounder beside my feet :woohoo: sweet !!

Hooked a 40cm flatty after that and started heading in before i had to swim in .

No pics as i was in such a rush to bail out i forgot the camera and my mobile :pinch:

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