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Went down to Schulz today.. Got the goods.


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Hey all..

As i was saying last night that, ill try go for a quickie to test the new casting deck/ Electric motor..

Because all my mates were away, i had to take my dog out for a fish.. i think he liked it :).. well it was good company..

When i got to my fishing spot, i put the electric in the water for the first time :D( well for me), took a while to get used to...

Bout 5 minutes later i hooked up onto a nice little 45cm Flattie.. A fish I'm never gonna forget :).. Was a bit hard with the net inh one hand the rod in the other and the fish in the water ;P.. 7.6ft rod aswell !!!.. not very helpful.. i didnt want to let the slack go loose, I know it was small but still i was shitting myself hahah :P .. i was thinking to myself.. boy it's gonna be really hard if i hook a beast..

A few minutes later i hook up onto a 62 cm Beast.. when i saw it in the waster i was bout to cry ;).. i thought at least 75 hahahaha!!.. they look massive in the water.. hahaha

Got some more flatties, ended up with a 62cm 45 cm 40cm and 39,.. Just kept the 62 and 45 tho.. good feed!..

I also got busted off but something decent.. maybe a Jewy or big flattie.. only 6 pound leader tho hehehe..

Cant forget this.. i caught a "tagged " fish.. J-DOG115 said that it was most likely Pat's (fishguru5)..Sorry mate, had to keep it for a feed ;)

Thanks for reading!! enjoy some pic's of today effort.. only a 3 hour fish btw :)















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Hey all..


Is it just me or does this flattie have really weird eyes?? :blink:

Well done mate, good to see you got onto some decent fish!

Hahahaha yeah, when i was looking at the photo, i was thinking the same.. not in real life it didnt.. must of been the camera angel.. they look like gogle eyes.. haha

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