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Mooloolaba Friday - Sunday


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Well my mate and I still weren't settled as to which direction we would go for a fish nearing the end of our shift on Friday night so Heads it was Gold Coast and tails it was Sunshine Coast. Clearly the Sunshine Coast was our destination.

After stopping off at Maccas for a feed, we decided to go to the easiest spot considering we were going to get there about 11.30-12 midnight so we headed to Mooloolaba boat ramp and set up next to where the sailing club is. Bait of choice was mullet, squid, prawns and hardiheads.

I cast out get hooked onto something pretty quickly only to pull in a sandcrab so all started well. Or so I thought. I managed to get many good hits and reagrdless of how hard I tried I would get a run then have the buggers spit the hooks. :angry:

My mate Kiti managed to get on the board quickly with a 31cm Bream. This was quickly followed over the next couple of hours by 3 cod, 3 bream,a baby jewy and a few misses. We decided to give it a rest about 5am and went to a park to rest up.

After a couple of hours sleep and some unhealthy food for Brekky we decided to go to the car park near the Maroochydore Court and throw the baits in the canal there to see if we would have any luck there. We stayed there for about two hours for Kiti getting a small bream and me getting a 25cm bream which went back home for another day.

After the couple of hours there, the wind picked up so we were deciding what to do next so we went back to the ramp reversed the cars up and set up for the long haul quite happy with the location knowing that we could listen to the rugby and by the time that finished it would be about the same time where we caught the fish the previous night. I managed to get another bream 27cm and Kiti picked a couple of more. Anyhow come 10pm I was freezing my kegs off. I had long sleeve shirt, two jumpers, two trackpants, socks thermal sleeping bag, AFO beanie and lil tin to warm the hands and was still shivering so i said to kiti that I couldn't handle this so I was going to the car to warm up. He said he'd fish the rest of the night.

I slept til 5am when they started launching boats and Kiti was fishing still and pointed to the ground. He said he had fallen asleep and when he awoke there was a 40cm bream on the end of his line. :woohoo: He was pretty stoked and I was a little peeved that he could literally still catch them in his sleep. Not long after I had a massive run. I thought I'm getting this one then snap my 4lb braid into 6lb leader gave up the ghost so I upgraded to 15lb leader. Not long after my other rod goes beserk peeling line but I made sure I didn't stuff this one up. After a couple of minutes up comes a 39cm bream being a PB for me on my Rhino stick(now christened by this bream) from Austackle. very chuffed I sat down feeling pleased with myself only to have my camo stick go off and then I manage to land another 32cm bream.( another christening)

We fished until 2.30pm for another couple of small ones but very happy with our returns and also watching the entertainment that was all sorts of people launching their boats. One fella left his lights on all day, a bloke on a bayliner couldn't get his boat off the trailer,another bloke had his boat float away when he went to get the car, another left the bungs out in his shmick maxim boat then there was the young fella in the bathtub sized tinnie who launched from the ramp having not even set the fuel pump to the motor yet. All in all a relaxing weekend and very enjoyable.









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The bloke in the maxim was just getting it off his trailer doing the old slam the brakes and use the boat's thrust to do the rest of the work.He quickly realised gunned it back on the trailer and went back up the ramp. He must have been embarrased cos he ended up launching from the other ramp down the other end afterwards.

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