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Trimming question


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Guys, need some helpful advice.

I have recently bought a new 4.3 stessco tinnie with a 30hp 4 stroke yamaha Tller Steer on the back.

Goes like a dream. It has the Power trim and tilt.

If I go from a standing start and go flatout, it gets up on the plane pretty quickly. This is with the Trim all the way down(Motor down as far as it goes).

However, if the speed limit is 6knots, if I only go about 2 knots it sits horizontally fine. But if I want to increase it to 3-6 knots, the bow stands up and does not plane. This is with the trim again all the way down. As a consequence, I have to stand up to see while at a slow pace. Is there something I should be doing, or is the motor too heavy for the boat?


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Yea mate.... its to do with the boat weight, power of engine, speed etc as a combination. At 2knots your hull is acting as a displacment hull and will just push its way through the water with no trim issues at all.

When you say you are accelating to 3 - 6 knots your engine is trying to push the hull forward from its rear most point. The hull is being 'gripped' by the viscosity of the water and its where the line of least resistance principal comes in that the hull will raise up towards the sky as its easier to push through air than water.

Tilting your motor leg up and away from the hull will only accentuate the problem, with your only solution being to redistribure the weight in the boat when travelling at that speed.

Hope it helps

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