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kokoda challenge


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okay for those of you who dont know the kokoda challenge is a 96km event that goes through the gold coast hinterland past hinze dam and eventuallly finishing at the nerang velodrome. there is also a 48km hike for school students with teams consisting of 4 children and one adult. depending on the walk it can take around 12 hrs or longer to over 16 - 18 hrs. the walk is extremly grooling with 2 major check points along the way where your support crew lets u sit down eat re fuel change shoes socks etc and go off again. the evnt started 12pm yesterday and i got in this morning at 20 to 3. the event helps raise funds for disadvantage youth and has over 600 competitors. im almost certain i saw brian in the navara being support crew if so good one you brian, hopefully will be back next year for anyone atempting the event alot of preparation is needed alot of will power it is great fun but extremely tiring at the same timefor anyone that would like any info here is the link for any school kids hit up your teachers about it next yr

cheers ross :)


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Good onya Ross. It sorts the men from the boys that's for sure. Mitch was grouped in with the principal and two girls this year, so he and his mate got some extra rests in waiting for the other gender to catch up lol. They came in about 11:30pm.

Someone managed to break a leg this year. Not sure if they were from your school or not ?

The rain made for some interesting differences this year.

At checkpoint 12 (?) there was a lot to entertain the support crews as a few vehicles got stuck in the mud pit. The surface was so slippery it was hard to stand up. I pulled a Captiva out and drove one of the other support crew cars out for them. Utes van fourbies all sliding sideways down the slope into the mush. I heard that one fourby managed to meet up with a tree at one point.

We'll be back next year that's for sure.

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