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Wellington Point Saturday 3/3/12


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Hey guys!

Conditions on Saturday morning are looking really good for a paddle off Wellington point. I'll be at the boat ramp next to the jetty at 4:30am if anyone is so inclined. Wind should be very light, and high tide is about 5:20am. It will be a beast though, so probably won't stay out past 10:30am.



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Jeff f

me and my yak will be at wello at about 3;45- 4;00

never fished there on the yak before so no idea where to head

anyone else still going?

this thread has become wayward

Yes Jeff - too many hijackers! :P

As it stands - I'll be there at about 4am. I've fished there once before, we'll head out to the beacon.

So far its you, me, and maybe Tomca. Jeff i've sent you a PM.

See you there!

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