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This one must be lost

T Fisher

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With the water levels in the upper Bremer and Warrill creek dropping I decided to go to my local spot which has been unfishable latley to have a go at the Bass last Sunday. When I got down there the level seemed a bit higher than the river heights bulletin said it was so I was limited to where I could fish from. I found a spot to cast from and had a few casts of a spinner bait in the rapids(spinnerbaits usually work the best in this spot when the water flows strongly. I had a few good hits but couldn't stay connected.I swiched down to a small mullet imitation and was smashed on the first cast as soon as it hit the water and something silver lept out. I had no Idea what it was I thought I may have foul hooked a mullet.The fish played dirty swimming out into the current making it even harder to get in then it swam around a sapling which has been snapped off at the base but still connected to the rocks of the rapids . This tree has caused me pain in the past but this time thank goodness I got the fish un snagged and the fight continued. After a little while I got it in and to my surprise it was a nice bream. I never thought I would catch one this far up the river as it is absolutly fresh and out of the tidal reach. He put up a good fight a bass this size generallyis easier to land under these conditions. I have landed Bass here in the mid 40s without this much effort.


here is a pic of my lost Bream.


and a pic of the white water it came out of.

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