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Shark Fishing - 23rd to 25th March

Terry H

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G'day guys

Understandably it's short notice, however Dave H (Line Tangler Dave: http://www.australianfishing.com.au/forum/9-north-coast-reports/237740-7-sausages-spam-a-a-fistful-of-chocolate-bullets) and I have a shark trip planned for this weekend coming. Unfortunately our third person has had to pull out, leaving us with a spare seat. For safety purposes, with a 15-20 knot wind and potential 2.5-3m seas, our planned location really requires three people. Plus a spare set of hands to help move any large captures wouldn't go astray either!

As such, we just wanted to extend an expression of interest out to those at AFO who are interested in shark fishing.

We have no requirements for experience, just prefer that:

1. You have your own gear and bait (or at least can borrow this) - we have spare heavy duty, purpose built rod holders if needed.

2. Eagerness to learn and help. You don't have to have any experience, but everything goes a lot easier if we all chip in and help out.

3. Prefer to share costs of fuel, and other costs which may or may not include: camping permits, 4wd permits, barges, etc

We will be leaving early Friday morning and returning midday-late Sunday afternoon.

Alternatively, if anyone wants to go beach fishing for Fri-Sat (probably pack up early sat morn) and watch some shark fishing, they are equally welcome :cheer:

Location is Fraser Island. My apologies for not mentioning a more specific location - I realise Fraser is a big island ;)

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Cheers for the offer faulked. I believe Kurt has offered up his gear for Rob to use.

With any luck it should hopefully be a good trip (touchwood!). Will see how we go!

Hope you're ready to jump in the zodiac there greenmachine and don't mind doing a few handstands as we go through the breakers :P Fortunately, despite the 25 knot winds predicted on Saturday it should be relatively calm as we should be able to get some protection/shelter from the island itself.

25 knot ENE and I reckon we would see some air, angle and a few handstands in the zodiac!

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Lol, sounding like supercross freestyle action this weekend. Believe me I'll be hanging on damn tight taking those baits out as I don't want to end up bait myself. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me Terry, I am really looking forward to it. And Kurt I cant thank you enough for lending me some gear for the weekend, much appreciated. Hopefully we will have a good report to put up next week!

Cheers Rob

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