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Saturday 17th of March Harries report


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Sorry about the late report, but I've been getting hammered with work this week and this is the first chance I've had to get a post up.

A mate and I headed out at 6am from Manly harbour and headed out to Harries reef for a morning session. I had the GPS marks for the Tiwi, but when we got out there I couldn't find the thing on my sounder :blush: so we set anchor a little up current from where my GPS claimed the wreck was a dropped some whole pillies off a double snelled set up.

It didn't take long for my reel to go nuts and after a pretty quick fight I pulled up my first school mackerel, going 57cm. Sorry I don't have a brag mat yet, only one of those BCF stickers stuck on the side of the boat.


I got lucky getting him in, as the fish managed to bite through the line holding the bottom hook and the line holding top snelled hook was shredded to tatters.

After that, we had a few bust offs, which I think were more schoolies biting straight through the 15lb leader we were using.

After about an hour all went quiet and we decided to pull anchor and head over to one of the other marks I had which was for some pipes......

Well we couldn't find the pipes either so we sounded around for a while and all the sounded was showing up was a pretty flat bottom. I'm not sure if I was just having bad luck with the GPS and sounder or if they're both out of whack, but again we decided to sit a bit down current from the mark I had and dropped anchor.

After about 10 minutes my reel went crazy and line started flying off the spool like there was no tomorrow. I let the fish run for a bit and then lent gently back on the rod for a good hook up. The fish was obviously a big one and gave me plenty of curry for a few minutes before reefing me. Well I was pretty peed off with that one, but instead of just breaking the line I decided to let the line go loose to see what'd happen.

After a minute or so, the fish must have broke cover cause the line went tight and I put the pressure on him to pull him away from whatever structure he went into. So a good fight ensued with the fish managing to do a full lap around the boat, which had me and my mate playing pass the rod as I ducked in and out of the cabin to get up the bow of the boat.


I ended up fighting this thing for over half and hour and at no time in that half hour I got more than 3/4 of my line back on the spool. Every time I started to make some head way with getting it in toward the boat, it would suddenly drop the hammer and tear off a big chunk of line.

So eventually, the fish decided it had had enough of playing with me and decided to go visit it's mates over on Moreton and it just took off like I wasn't there. I locked up the spool and it headed for a nearby reef and reefed me again :whistle:

And with that the line finally gave up.

Oh well, I'll get him next time. I have no clue what it could have been. I thought it may have been a big cod or something.

Well that's my report. One keeper and one arm work out.

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Nice work mate. Yeah the GPS spots from a lot of the common sources can be off by a mile sometimes. Iv'e checked out a lot of them and it always looks dead around the spot. Sometimes its a good idea to do a do a bit of a slow troll around till you see something. I never have any luck finding them either and just drift and see what happens

Found this from google on the tiwi pearl



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Thanks regulated. That DERM map is the one I used for the marks. I tried trolling around a bit but there were heaps of boats out there and I'd rather not upset my fellow fisho's...even though heaps of them out there seem pretty happy to troll right across my anchor rope or anchor right up next to me :angry:

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nice sess mate

Theres was alot of tuna around harries today. Alot of bait too.

I reckon you hooked on to a long tail tuna. Saw quite a few of them. Fussy feeders, didnt really try though as we were after mackerel.

Thanks for report

Not a chance in hell of a tuna reefing you.

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