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And the Winner of the Raffle Is


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Congratulations Ben on winning our first monthly AFO Raffle.

With $60 worth of tickets you bought certainly gave yourself every chance of winning.

A huge thanks to every single person who bought tickets and entered this raffle.

We raised a whopping $300 for AFO to go towards the running of this great forum.

Our next raffle will start on the 1st May and we will be selling the tickets for one week and then we will draw the winners.

In the mean time though some suggestions from you guys as to what you would like to see offered up as prizes as we have access to over 10,000 boating and fishing items.

Please post up some suggestions in this thread so by the end of this month we will have a better idea as to what you guys would like to see as the prizes.

Everything available is listed on www.reeltackle.com.au so have a look around and post up here what you may be interested in.

Once again thank you everyone for the support and congratulations to BigBen for winning our first monthly raffle.

I have attached the video of the electronic draw for anyone who wishes to view it.

Sorry about the bad video but my Go-Pro decided to be a No-Go today so I had to use my I-Phone.

Angus or any admin can you please PM me your AFO PayPal address so I can transfer through the $300.

Thanks guys



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