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More Goldy Adventures


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Hi guys, well another month goes bye, getting closer to Xmas and more fish to catch.

Another reasonable month with some good fish in the mix, our family had a houseboat trip from Coomera Houseboat Holidays to celebrate a couple of birthdays.

Lots of fun and games with some fishing of coarse, this is a great way to spend a few days on the water.

One of the photos shows my daughter with the way she reckons you should fish for whiting, beer in hand.

A few good Trevs around with plenty of variety, Goldens, Tea Leaf, Big Eyes and GT's, find the bait and they will be near by, Deadsticking grubs and Tea Bagging Blades for best results.

In 15 years of lure fishing i have had plenty of lures bit off, never caught a fish with a lure in it though until last week that is.

Marty and i were Tea Bagging some Blades when he hooked up but got bit off half way in, a few seconds later i hooked up and Marty jokingly says hope it has my lure in its mouth.

You guessed it, we get it in and i have foul hooked a green sea toad in the bum and Martys blade is in it's mouth, if i hadn't seen it i wouldn't have believed it.

Plenty of whiting around got another 29 good ones last night in the Nerang, the small amount of rain we have had has made little difference to the water quality, water still clear and clean.

Some good Trevs and small Kingies in the Seaway the last week or so, if this bloody wind ever stops we may be able to get a good crack at them, cheers wayne












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Mongrel things those sea toads... had one buzzing around in the middle of a cracking whiting bite a couple of weeks ago, lost about 8 hooks to the stupid thing.

Cracker golden there too youngy. Did it go for the blade or the grub plastics? Can't quite make it out - appears to have inhaled it completely!

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