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Quick session out at NPD this morning and was rewarded with some quality bass. Most were in the 40cm + category and one was just over 50cm, it also had a tag in it and it was one I had tagged in june 2010 at 39cm. Managed 40 plus bass and was back at the ramp before 10am.

Left Binder a little present, a eastern brown that came out from under his car as I was driving up the road, I noticed the brownish colour and hit the brakes, then gave it a clip under the ear with my snake stick. I didnt want it getting some child, or Andrew.








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Saw you doing a bit of a shuffle in the parking lot as I came around the corner, thought it might have been some sort of victory dance, then I spotted the carcass when I went to get the car.

I got my PB cattie after you went past and put the mocca on me Dino, said I hadn't got one this summer! Well I have now!

Oh well they are a reasonably good sports fish in their own right, gave my baitcaster and 8lb line a good work out.

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