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Graphite Rod Blank Question


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I must have too many rods and reels!! …., :no: dumber than dumb idea….


I`ve just discovered? a shimano raider 1 piece, 2-4 kg 7’ 2” finesse bream rod with a reel on it. I had not seen this rod and reel for about 2 +years and had assumed that I must have given them to one of my kids when they had been down home on holidays at one time.


This combo has been cunningly hiding from me, between one of my fishing/tackle cupboards and the corner meeting place of 2 walls. It`s been leaning/resting almost vertically onto/into the corner of the walls.


The rod now has an ever so slight bend starting  about 15-16cm from the tip of the rod, in line with the spine of the rod ( the bend facing the side the reel sits on)


Ok, my request is for someone`s actual knowledge, has this compromised the integrity of the graphite blank, at this 15-16 cm point on the rod. Do I still have a 7’ 2” rod or will I be turning it into a 6’ 8’’ and less than  finesse, rod for the grandkids.

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Thanks Dennis, I will give your method a go. My main thought was whether the blank  had weakened at the start of the slight bend and if next time a hook up occurs on the rod would it snap there..

Please don`t fret over your memory recall, these days my memory recall doesn`t go back that far either :no:…. In future when I take a combo or two out, I will get the reel/s to chase up report/s from the rod/s.:)


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