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Ice Box / Esky

Terry H

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I'm on the lookout for a new ice box / esky and was hoping someone might know of one that meets the following criteria:

  1. Approx 120-150L esky (Long/rectangular, not a short/square one)
  2. Preference for moulded handles or rope handles over screw in plastics
  3. Poly not FG

I remember seeing a couple floating around a few years ago, but it seems a couple of names have fallen away over the past few years.

Closest I can find is an Icey-Tek 115 or 160: http://www.icey-tek.com.au/long-boxes

Does anyone have any feedback on Icey-Tek? Or know of any retail stores in Brisbane?

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Since this post has been revived I bought a Technice signature series ice box and it's by far the best esky I've ever owned.

You can buy them on their web site or save some dollars and buy them off ebay. They have them on there continually and although located in Victoria the delivery cost is reasonable. I saved $90 off RRP by buying off ebay including delivery to my door.

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