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Fishing North Stradbroke Island

Daryl McPhee

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Last week I had been working over at North Stradbroke Island, and although I had very little free time, I did manage to have a little fish. As is often the case, Amity Point provided me with a good mixed bag. There were plenty of good bream around, but those fish there have seen a lot of hooks, but I did manage a few. There were also quite a few grass sweetlip, but alas no legal snapper this time. I got one grass parrot that after a quick photo was released. Always a pretty fish when first caught. At night, the bream were smaller (but still all over 30cm) and more numerous, and there were plenty of spangled emperor with the best being a frustrating 44cm, but with none reaching the minimum legal size of 45cm. Fantastic fish to catch though. There were also quite a few morwong as soon as it got dark. I also had one fish at Dunwich for some more bream and one shark that was released after I deftly removed the hooks.






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No need for a boat to catch fish in south-east Queensland. Fish are easy to catch land-based without the boat ramp hassles and the boat cleanup. 

There was one small patch of Mac Tuna they popped their head up of Amity Point. But that was it. There were some birds busy in the surf on a patch of tailor just south of the Causeway, and it looked a fair patch of fish. I was though on the clock and without fishing gear at that time. 

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