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Weekend At The Island


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With the wind forecast the way it was I didn't really feel like taking the boat out, so I hopped on the water taxi and crossed the bay Saturday morning with a few rods in hand. It was quite frustrating watching tuna busting up and not being able to stop for a cast!

I was with my mate Liam who took his scooter over. We had a fish down at the beach in the afternoon in a 30knot southerly. The beauty with straddy is there is usually somewhere to fish in any wind direction. We did not catch a thing and started walking back into the wind towards the 204 stairs of Frenchmans beach.DSC_0437.JPGDSC_0435.JPG

The next morning we rode our scooters around the island in search of the perfect fishing spot and were looking out for any bird activity. What a great way to get around with rods shoved in backpack!DSC_0448.JPG

We had a bit more success with 4 big dart bled out in a rock pool ready for breakfast. The biggest was 42cm which I was pretty happy about. They go hard!DSC_0444.JPG

Liam can never take a fish photo seriously after tussling with this one on his ultralight Nordic Stage gunslinger setup.DSC_0441.JPGDSC_0443.JPG

We had an awesome big breakfast with fish obviously being included and then we headed out again in the afternoon with the aim to find some tailor. Only a few undersized ones were found.

And that's about it! Left this morning to try and get some trailer maintenance done. Not very successful but it was much better than sitting at home and it is always such a nice place to chill out, especially having a permanent place to stay over there. I'm sure @Angus   would have brained them! Much to learn. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend. 

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Was a good weekend to be off the water with the wind. Still a bit of rock hoping still relaxing. 

It looks like you had to fight your way through the belts on the beach to finally land that dart. That black belt in knitting has served you well.

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I've really been meaning to do a trip there, still keen after this.

If you, or any one else, wants to put in I'd be more than happy to take my 4x4 over with 3 passengers and do some rock / beach fishing for a weekend... @Angus keen?

I'd really like to tussle with some pelagics off the rocks, but still keen as for dart, bream, tailor etc on light gear.

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@K-Lub beach fishing (for tailor anyway) mostly just comes down to whether they're there or not. Check the beach at low tide for any gutters and then return at high tide when the tailor will follow the bait into these gutters. Nothing says you cant catch tailor at low tide!
Most people believe night time is more successful over daytime and there also a lot of theories about moon phases but beggars can't be choosers :D

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12 hours ago, K-Lub said:

cool report mate, im heading over there in 2 weeks for a week of fishing,  do you mind telling me what colours you found worked better for you, also can anyone tell me is there a better tide to work with ?

Hey bro colour wise meh.

Silver for chromes and I like shrimpy coloured plastics.

Tides where we fish depend on the swell. If the swell is up you need to fish the lower end of the tides. I usually aim to fish the outgoing low and incoming and just bail when it gets to hairy. This applies for the rocks in between deadmans and frenchmans beaches.

For the main beach it depends where the bait is. We have had better luck lately in the high tide gutters but sometimes they are sitting behind the low tide gutters (which you pretty much cannot cast to at full tide).


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