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Need A Bigger Esky


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With a perfect forecast for Monday how could one not pass up the opportunity.

We regularly fish the Caboolture river, as it always produces a feed. So made plans to put in about 4:30am with the father in law. 

En-route to the ramp I made a call that we should duck over to Scarb and try our luck, and we can always duck back into the river. Quickly dropped the pots off and raced over.

Sometimes those gambles pay off sometimes and Scarb is mostly NOT than HOT. 

Anchored up before light with the other 600 thousand other boats in the area. First bait in the water landed a decent size snapper and straight it went into the esky.

Plenty of picker bream and Moses perch. We got a few Sweetlip with one good size one, and a couple legal bream. 

We couldn't see anyone else landing as many fish as we were, even had a few move in next to us. Only fishing with one rod each as you needed hot hands. 

Landed one cracker of a Gold Spot cod just over 70cms, only 10lb mono and tiny hook too. Took about 5 mins to get into the net and into the esk.

We started throwing back legal bream as the esky was near full, Called it about 9 as there wasn't much point sticking around if we weren't keeping anything. 

Couple New PB's with the Cod and first legal Sweet Lip. 

Picked up the pots for a few sandies and a muddie. 

Not a bad feed for 5 hours worth of work. 





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That's a great effort. Im assuming north reef where everyone else fishes? Really really good stuff mate well done. Live bait surely?

I've started to give that area a bit of a go to get a snapper. I don't usually hang around the other boats, just hoping I am going to eventually pick one up on the drift somewhere along the peninsular using plastics. Got me keen to go again!!

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1 hour ago, Angus said:

That is really impressive on pillies.

I struggle with bait in the bay getting only the picker hoards. Offshore no worries but for me the bay is all about plastics.


This does make me reconsider though :)


We 99% of the time only use fresh bait. Pump for Yabbies, cast need for herring and mullet. Joe will dig for blood worms, if he's feeling dedicated. 

Fresh live bait will out fish everything. Yes it's hard work but if you want a feed, you've gota put in the hour or so prep time. 

I could go through a cast net and a yabby pump every year and still be ahead $$$ wise rather than servo bait. 

Only fresh bait I buy is Crab bait. The seafood house at Lawton sells fresh mullet frames for $2.99. 



Wow - that last minute decision certainly paid off!!!!  Awesome result for so close in, especially amongst lots of other boats. You'll be eating like a king for a while!!


Freezer is now full of crummed fish. The cod was Delicious. Easily 2.5 Kg's worth of fillets on the cod alone. 

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1 minute ago, timtam_ said:

Very nice couple of catches from the hoard of boats! How do you find crab in the freezer?

I don't really like freezing the crab, only time I've ever done was when we bagged out on Muddies last year, but I clean everyone and freeze green.


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